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 Educational Purpose: A one-year Fellowship in otology is offered in response to the need in otolaryngology for increased clinical competence in otology at the graduating resident level.  Most residents feel their clinical skills in surgical and medical otology are limited and, while they do not have aspirations to practice neurotology, do not feel adequately prepared to confidently offer surgical treatment of chronic ear disease, otosclerosis or feel prepared to establish adult or pediatric cochlear implant programs in their future communities of practice.  Most graduating residents also feel under-prepared to manage patients with complaints of vertigo. These concerns can be fully addressed with one additional year of training in a busy otologic practice with a preceptor who has proven teaching ability and is dedicated to creating a rich otologic training experience.

The goal of this one-year Fellowship experience is to establish a knowledge base and level of clinical and surgical ability to allow the graduating Fellow to address the above-mentioned problems in independent clinical practice. Specific surgical exposure will focus on the management of chronic ear disease with the use of cartilage tympanoplasty, canal wall down techniques with primary reconstruction and obliterative reconstruction of open cavities.  Although there will be some exposure to neurotology and skull base surgical procedures, this is not an accredited Fellowship for those services.


EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM: (see examples below)

Clinical Components: The Otology Fellow will participate in the following clinical activities under supervision:

1.   Preoperative evaluation/ counseling of surgical patients

  1. Postoperative care of surgical patients
  2. Assisting with evaluation and treatment of all clinic patients at both University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas Childrens Hospital
  3. Inpatient consultations at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  4. Surgical care of patients at all surgical sites


Research Components:

  1. Produce at least one manuscript during training

Participants Supervisory Responsibilities:

  1. Supervise residents in training


Didactic Components: The Otology fellow will attend and present regularly at:

  1.  Weekly M and M , Interesting case, grand rounds
  2.  Monthly Cochlear implant and hearing impairment case conference
  3. Monthly Hearing loss genetics clinic
  4.  Supervise and instruct at the local resident Temporal Bone Dissection Session held monthly
  5.  Participate in the Mid-South Resident Middle Ear & Mastoid Surgery Course
  6.  Organize regular research meeting and cochlear implant journal club


Additional Required Courses:

Institution IRB Training Course

EPIC training


Primary Curriculum Materials:

  1. Tos M – Cartilage Tympanoplasty
  2. Dornhoffer J, Gluth M – The Chronic Ear
  3. Dornhoffer J – A Practicle Guide to the Eustachian Tube
  4. Fisch U, Mattox D. Microsurgery of the Skull Base
  5. Brackmann, Shelton- Otologic Surgery
  6. Niparko J. Cochlear Implants in Adults and Children

Openings for our Fellowship

Year Status
2023 Open
2022 Filled
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