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The specialty education of physicians to practice independently is experiential, and necessarily occurs within the context of the health care delivery system. Developing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes leading to proficiency in all the domains of clinical competency requires the Fellow to assume personal responsibility for the care of individual patients. The essential learning activity is interaction with patients under the guidance and supervision of faculty members who give value, context, and meaning to those interactions. This clinical experience is fortified with a plethora of research opportunities and expectations. As the fellow(s) gain experience and demonstrate growth in their ability to care for patients, they assume roles that permit them to exercise those skills with greater independence. This concept--graded and progressive responsibility--is one of the core tenets of American graduate medical education. Supervision in the setting of graduate medical education has the goals of assuring the provision of safe and effective care to the individual patient; assuring each resident’s development of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to enter the unsupervised practice of medicine; and establishing a foundation for continued professional growth.

We are offering a one-year Fellowship in otologic/neurotologic/skull base surgery in a rich environment with 10 faculty including Otologic/Neurotologic surgery (2), Neurosurgery (4) Neurooncology (1) Neuroradiology (2), Radiation oncology (1). Many graduating residents have sensed the need to enhance their otologic/neurotologic skills. This fellowship confidently offers one of the busier practices in the nation as it relates to all aspects of otologic/Neurotologic surgery. The diversity of pathology is immense and includes high volumes of chronic ear disease, disease, otosclerosis, cochlear implants, implantable hearing devices (BAHA, Sophono, Bone Bridge and the Envoy Esteem).  We manage approximately 100 skull base tumor patients each year, including Vestibular schwannoma, Meningioma, Chordoma, Glomus tumors, trigeminal neuralgia and more. There is a weekly multi-disciplinary skull base tumor conference, research and teaching opportunities and expectations. The fellowship is led by Michael Seidman, MD., FACS a professor of Oto-HNS at UCF/USF and all the faculty/preceptors have proven teaching abilities providing a highly rewarding and busy otologic/neurotologic/skull base training experience.

The goal of this Fellowship opportunity is to advance the fellows knowledge base and level of clinical and surgical ability to allow the graduating fellow to address all aspects of otologic/neurotologic skull base surgery in independent clinical practice (within their scope of practice). 

This is an outstanding opportunity encourages applicants who are American Board-eligible/certified Otolaryngologist or foreign graduates with an H-1B visa; passing of USMLE tests is a requirement.

The AdventHealth system houses the Nicholson center, one of the largest training centers in the world and includes a yearly skull base course and robotic surgery opportunities. We are also a part of a multi-institutional simulation study and have the most sophisticated virtual Temporal Bone dissection simulator available for use. Fellows take part in multiple ongoing research projects.

The Fellowship is located in Central Florida, right next to Disney World.

Send Curriculum Vitae to:

Dr. Michael Seidman

410 Celebration Place

Suite 305

Celebration, Florida 34747


Call or email Sarah Pete 407-303-4134


Physician Mentors:

Michael D. Seidman, MD., FACS- director (Otologic/Neurotologic/Skull base surgery)

Melvin Field, MD- co-director (Neurosurgery)

Ravi H. Gandhi, MD (Neurosurgery)

J. Christopher Wehman, MD (Neurosurgery)

Max Medary, MD (Neurosurgery)

Richard Beegle, MD (Neuroradiology)

John Murray, MD (Neuroradiology)

Charles Hodge, MD (Radiation Oncology)

Herbert Newton, MD (NeuroOncology)

Aftab Patni, MD (Otologic/Neurotologic Surgery)

Website : 

Openings for our Fellowship

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2023 Open
2022 Filled
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