University of Missouri – Advanced Otology Fellowship

Location | Columbia, Missouri
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University of Missouri ENT:

Program Demographics

Host Institution:University of Missouri – Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery


Address:  One Hospital Dr. MA314

Columbia, MO  65212


Program Director:          Arnaldo L. Rivera, M.D.

Program Coordinator:    Stephanie Schulz

(573) 882-7935


Program Description

Goals and Objectives for Training:

A one-year fellowship in otology is available for increased clinical competence in otology for a resident who has satisfactorily completed an ACGME accredited otolaryngology training program.  Many residents feel their clinical skills in surgical and medical otology are limited and, while they do not have aspirations to practice neurotology, do not feel adequately prepared to confidently offer surgical treatment of chronic ear disease, otosclerosis or do not feel prepared to establish adult or pediatric cochlear implant programs in practice.  Some residents also feel under-prepared to manage patients with complaints of vertigo; an additional year of training in a busy otologic practice with a preceptor who has proven teaching ability and is dedicated to creating a rich otologic training experience will better prepare a clinician for managing these patients.


The goal of this one-year fellowship experience is to establish a knowledge base and level of clinical and surgical ability to allow the graduating fellow to address the above-mentioned problems in independent clinical practice.  Although there will be some exposure to neurotology and skull base surgical procedures, this is not intended to be an accredited fellowship for those services.


Goals of Educational Program:

-Become proficient in the diagnosis and medical and surgical management of balance disorders, including proper interpretation and use of diagnostic tests.

-Become proficient in medical and surgical management of chronic ear disease, including tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty, tympanomastoidectomy, mastoid obliteration, and canalplasty.

-Become proficient in medical and surgical management of conductive hearing loss, including otosclerosis surgery and BAHA surgery.

-Become proficient in medical and surgical management of sensorineural hearing loss, including adult and pediatric cochlear implantation, hearing aid counseling, and management of sudden hearing loss.

-Become proficient in the management of neoplasia of the temporal bone and midline skull base, including temporal bone resection and standard infratemporal fossa approaches.

-Become proficient in the diagnosis and management of facial nerve dysfunction.

-Become proficient in effective management of patients with tinnitus.

-Become proficient in effective management of patients with migraine.

-Become familiar with surgery and management of patients with CPA tumors.

-Maintain skills in general otolaryngology that support otologic medicine.

-Become proficient in group presentation skills that support teaching

Openings for our Fellowship

Year Status
2020 Open
2019 Filled
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