Fellowship Consortium
The Advanced Otology Fellowship Consortium is composed of several fellowship programs, many of which have been in existence beginning with the founding fathers of otologic surgery. Many of the fellowships offer neurotology experience as well, with surgery approaching the inner ear and skull base, including cochlear implantation, endolymphatic sac and sigmoid sinus decompression, acoustic tumor surgery, vestibular nerve sections and labyrinthectomy. None of these one-year fellowships offer accreditation in Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery, which has its own board certification that is separate from Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Board certification. Most two-year accredited Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery fellowships gear their trainees towards an academic career, and the second year of fellowship usually includes a great deal of research. To learn more about two-year Neurotology and Skull Base fellowships, go to

The goal of the consortium is to foster a collaborative effort to reinforce the importance of advanced training in otologic and neurotologic surgery for graduates of accredited otolaryngology programs who want to further their skills in medical and surgical treatment of the middle and inner ear, with as well as medical treatment of hearing and balance disorders. Click To see a list of our Advanced Otology Fellowships.

For more information about the Advanced Otology Fellowship Consortium, please email us at
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