CEI Medical Group / California Ear Institute Advanced Otology Fellowship

CEI Medical Group / California Ear Institute Advanced Otology Fellowship

Location: East Palo Alto, CA

Openings (1/year):

2016 – FILLED

2017 – FILLED

Roberson, JosephOrt, Stuart










Mentor(s): Dr. Joseph B Roberson and  Dr. Stuart Ort


Call: Roughly every other week with call sharing between other Fellows in the organization with cross coverage of other aspects on the practice.   Minimal ER coverage.  Moonlight opportunities exist and are allowed for income augmentation.  Cross-coverage for Sleep, Sinus, Facial Plastic surgery patients on weekends.

Fellowship information: http://www.californiaearinstitute.com/cei-fellowship-program.php

Contact: Tracy Scandlyn, tscandlyn@calear.com


Goals and Objectives for Training:         

Educational Purpose: A one or two-year Fellowship in Advanced Otology is offered in response to the need in Otolaryngology for increased clinical competence at the graduating Resident level.  Most Residents feel their clinical skills in surgical and medical Otology-Neurotology-Skull Base Surgery are limited and do not feel adequately prepared to confidently offer surgical treatment of chronic ear disease, otosclerosis, cochlear implantation, dizziness evaluation and treatment, the business of medicine and the logistics of being an employer, etc in their future communities of practice.  These concerns can be fully addressed with additional training in a busy practice with a preceptor who has proven teaching ability and is dedicated to creating a rich training experience. The goal of this Fellowship experience is to establish a knowledge base and level of clinical and surgical ability to allow the graduating Fellow to address the above-mentioned problems while developing the business acumen necessary in independent clinical practice.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM: (see examples below) Clinical Components: The ideal training program involves close observation of a master in the field, close observation by a mentor who oversees developing Fellows, and independent patient care activities at skills appropriate level.  The Otology Fellow will participate in the following clinical activities under supervision both in Attending Clinics and in the Fellows own clinical practice:   Preoperative evaluation/ counseling of surgical patients Postoperative care of surgical patients Assisting with evaluation and treatment of all clinic patients Surgical care of patients Assisting with on-call duties

Research Components:

  1. A large number of research projects have been undertaken by prior fellows from basic science work (minimal  due to our practice site) and/or clinical research (the majority of our work can be seen by reviewing Dr. Roberson’s CV where most papers are published in conjunction with prior Fellows.  Fellows are required to produce at least one presentation / publication quality work during their tenure at CEI.  
  2. In selected cases, research projects in conjunction with industry can become part of the skill set learning.  Past examples include companies such as Acclarent, Autonomic Technologies, Neuropace, etc.
  3. IRB sponsored clinical trials of emerging technology.  Dr. Roberson has been a PI in over 30 such studies over time.  Examples include implantable hearing devices, cochlear implants, eustachian tube dilation techniques and others for example.
  4. Temporal Bone laboratory work on site for anatomy and technique refinement

Contact: Tracy Scandlyn

CEI Medical Group / California Ear Institute / Otology-Neurotology Fellowship

1900 University Ave., Suite 101, East Palo Alto, CA 94303




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